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PLD63 100W Shaded Pole AC Motor

Standards: ISO9000,CCC

PLD63 series shaded pole AC motors are produced at an annual capacity of 200 thousand sets in Lepuda. Each of the components for every motor is strictly detected to make sure that there is no defect. PLD 63 series are mostly used for medical nebulizer. If you are seeking a motor for low-power application, it is an ideal choice. This product has been exported to Germany, Italy, Korea, etc.

Model: PLD63-20 /25/30/35
Stator thickness; 20/25/30/35mm
Direction of rotation: CW/CCW
Bearing: roller bearing, with a service life of over 5000 hours
Shaft diameter: 5/6mm
Enameled wire: copper
Insulation class: A/E/B/F/H
Material of stator: silicon steel
Exported to: Germany, Italy, Korea, etc
Minimum order: 2000 PCS
Standards: ISO9000,CCC

Model Voltage (V) Frequency (Hz) Maximum Torque (g.cm) Maximum Input Power (W) Maximum Output Power (W)
PLD63-25 100-240 50/60 500 60 16
PLD63-30 100-240 50/60 650 80 18
PLD63-35 100-240 50/60 800 100 20
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