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Developing History

Mr. Peng – a veteran in motor industry, set up Lepu Motor Company with his team in Wuxi.

Lepu Trading Company was formally founded in Foshan.

We were involved in a collaboration with Hunan Xiangtan University to develop the drain pump of central air conditioner. The same year, we became the supplier of Midea, Kelon, and TCL.

The 48, 58, and 61 series shaded pole motors were successfully developed.

Lepuda Motor Company was officially established, realizing a leap from other manufacturer-dependent production to independent production.

Hong Kong Lepu Industrial Company was established, a mark of our entrance into the international market.

The Russia client IZTT came for a visit and cooperation, marking a progress of our product export.

Lepu (Turkey) Sales Company was created, a good beginning of our business in Turkey.

We set up Lepu Yuanjing Motor Company, demonstrating that we formally entered the capacitor motor industry.

Jinan Jingpeng CNC Machinery Company was officially created, realizing a perfect match with our motor production line.

To adapt to the expansion of production volume, we moved to Bijiang Lepu industrial park in 2005, which has had an active influence on our quality modification and continuous development in motor industry.

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