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Service & Technology

Technical strength
1. The R & D team in Lepuda is staffed by 20 people, more than a half of which are senior engineers who have accumulated over 10 years’ designing experience in motor industry.
2. An intricate and thoroughly-considered design is the life of a high-quality product. So we are always seeking to avoid the potential safety risks at the very start of our motor production line, namely the design process.
3. In Lepuda, your individualized motor design requirements will be fully satisfied. Besides that, the professional drawings and standardized instructions are appreciated to give users distinct installation and operation guidance.

1. If you are not clear about which kind of model to choose, don’t worry. We have professionals to guide you. Samples are provided for clients for a preliminary test.
2. A strict quality control system: raw material detection, production process detection, detection before packing. We have a whole set of processional laboratory testing equipment to guarantee our motors’ quality.
3. Our motors are certified by RoHS and REACH, with a warranty period of 5 years.
4. Lepuda promises that we will give you a detailed 8D report within 48 hours for those badly-performed motors. And a customer compliant will be treated within 24 hours.
5. Core part control: the shaft vibration detection is taken to make sure that the vibration value is no more than 0.002m; roughing, finishing, and polishing operations are conducted on the rotor surface to keep it flat, as well as lower the noise and let the motor run smoothly; a short-circuit detection is adopted to ensure the motor’s properties; noise is controlled within a standard range.
6. Sample delivery time: less than 15 days.
7. Product delivery time: less than 20 days.
8. OEM service is available.

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