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Motors drive our lives, and I am not only talking about the ones in our vehicles. Electric motors produce nearly all of the mechanical movements in many of the things we use every day. Air conditioners, dishwashers, cooking hoods, fans and many other home appliances are driven by motors. All of this is possible thanks to manufacturers of these motors such as Lepuda. We have been designing and producing all kinds of motors and fan units since 2001.

Welcome to Lepuda, come to us for the motors that move our lives forward.

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Lepuda Products
Our production catalogue is comprised by 7 sorts: shaded pole motor, water pump, cross flow fan, shaded pole centrifugal fan, shaded pole pump motor, capacitor motor, and DC motor, which have been widely applied in electric fireplace, ventilation fan, heat generator, mobile air conditioner, central air conditioner, dehumidifier, and other home appliances, industrial equipment and medical equipment.


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