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Shaded Pole Motor Shaded pole motor is one kind of the AC single phase induction motors. With an extremely simple structure, it is suitable for low-power applications such as refrigerator, exhaust fan, air freshener, dish washer, among others.
Water Pump Motor Water pump motor is a kind of device that moves fluids with mechanical power. You are expected to see their applications in power plants, paper industry, construction, municipal utilities, industrial usages, agriculture irrigations, steel plants, and many others.
Capacitor Motor Capacitor motor features simple structure, rapid starting, and stable running. In household appliance field such as electric fans, exhaust fans, cooker hoods, it is an ideal choice.
DC MotorDC motor (direct current motor) is a type of electrical device that designed to convert direct current electrical power into mechanical power with a magnetic field. Small DC motors are mainly used for toys, electric tools, household appliances, juice machine and household oil press.
Cross Flow Fan Cross flow fan is employed in a cooling system to keep components from overheating. Its applications include: heating units, oven, exhaust fan, etc.
Centrifugal FanCentrifugal fan is designed to pump the air in a constant volume so it can be fixed in a system evenly. Centrifugal fan is mainly used for water heater.

Lepuda specializes in making AC and DC electric motors, micro motors like shaded pole motor and brushless DC motor can be used in electrical appliances including exhaust fan, home humidifier, induction cooker, cooker hood, sterilization cabinet, dishwasher, air conditioning unit and freezer refrigerators. Our company also offers cross flow fans for use in electric heaters, electric fireplaces and ovens, providing quality electric motors to make your machines run well.