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PLD58 45W Shaded Pole AC Motor

Standards: ISO9000, CCC

PLD58 series shaded pole AC motor is an ideal for ventilator products for its perfect compatibility with TRIAC-based variable-speed controls, which are often used with fans. You can choose either the oil bearings whose service life is over 3000 hours or the roller bearings whose service life is more than 10000 hours. PLD 58 series motor is mainly designed for heating units, hand dryer, small fan, exhaust fan, etc. Every year we produce 200 thousand sets of PLD 58 series motors and export them to many countries in Middle East, Europe, Southeast Asia and South America such as Brazil.

Model: PLD58-12/16/20/25/30
Direction of Rotation: CW/CCW (clockwise/counterclockwise)
Shaft diameter: 4/5mm
Enameled wire: copper
Insulation class: A/E/B/F/H
Material of stator: silicon steel
Exported to: Middle East, Europe, Southeast Asia, etc
Minimum order: 2000 PCS
Standards: ISO9000, CCC

Model Voltage (v) Frequency (HZ) Maximum Torque (g.cm) Maximum Input Power (w) Maximum Output Power (W)
PLD58-12 100-240 50/60 90 18 3
PLD58-16 100-240 50/60 110 22 4
PLD58-20 100-240 50/60 130 28 6
PLD58-25 100-240 50/60 150 32 8
PLD58-30 100-240 50/60 170 38 11
PLD58-35 100-240 50/60 190 45 13
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