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PLD60 53W Shaded Pole AC Motor

Standard: ISO9000, CCC

PLD60 series shaded pole AC motor is available in external and internal rotor designs. It features two-pole construction, easy and robust design. Every year about 500 thousand sets of PLD 60 series shaded pole motor are produced and exported to Middle East, Europe, Southeast Asia and South America, where they are found large popularity for their high price-performance ratio. Both oil bearings and roller bearings that used on motors are available for you to choose. PLD 60 series is mostly suitable for small fans and blower applications such as heater, hand dryer, hair dryer, refrigeration and ventilation products, etc.

Model: PLD60-12 /16/20/25/30
Direction of Rotation: CW/CCW (clockwise/counterclockwise)
Shaft diameter: 4/5/6mm
Enameled wire: copper
Insulation class: A/E/B/F/H
Material of stator: silicon steel
Exported to: Middle East, Europe, Southeast Asia
Minimum order: 2000 PCS
Standard: ISO9000, CCC

Model Voltage (V) Frequency (Hz) Maximum Input Power (W) Maximum Rotating Speed (RPM)
PLD60-10 110 60 20 1000
220 50 20 1000
PLD60-16 110 60 35 1300
220 50 35 1300
PLD60-20 110 60 45 1500
220 50 45 1500
PLD60-25 110 60 53 1500
220 50 53 1500
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