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PLD68 120W Shaded Pole AC Motor

Standards: ISO9000,CCC

Every year Lepuda produces about 600 thousand sets of PLD68 series shaded pole AC motors and exports them mainly to Turkey, Poland, Iran and others. The shelf time of PLD 68 series is as long as 5 years. It is mainly used for various kinds of small cooker hoods, among others.

Model: PLD68-20 /25/30/42
Stator thickness: 20/25/30/35mm
Direction of rotation: CW/CCW (clockwise/counterclockwise)
Bearings: oil bearings, with a lifespan of over 3000 hours
Shaft diameter: 5/6mm
Enameled: copper
Insulation class: A/E/B/F/H
Material of stator: silicon steel
Minimum order: 2000 PCS
Standards: ISO9000,CCC

Model Voltage (V) Frequency (Hz) Maximum Input Power (W)
PLD68-20 100-240 50/60 70
PLD68-25 100-240 50/60 90
PLD68-30 100-240 50/60 120
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