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PLD84 120W Shaded Pole AC Motor

Standards: ISO9000, CCC

Our PLD 84 series shaded pole motors are found to be popular in many countries like Russia, Indonesia, Italy and so on. Annually about 200 thousand sets of PLD 84 series motors are produced in Lepuda. You will find them perfectly applied in refrigerator, industrial fans, and many other low-consumption fields.

Model: PLD84-12/20/25/30/
Stator thickness: 12/25/30/35mm
Direction of rotation: CW/CCW (clockwise/counterclockwise)
Bearings: oil bearings/ roller bearings
Shaft diameter: 5/6mm
Enameled wire: copper/ copper-clad aluminum
Insulation class: A/E/B/F/H
Material of stator: silicon steel
Minimum order: 2000PCS/Mode
Standards: ISO9000, CCC

Model Voltage (V) Frequency (Hz) Maximum Torque (g.cm) Maximum Input Power (W) Maximum Output Power (W)
PLD84-13 100-240 50/60 400 35 7
PLD84-20 100-240 50/60 500 55 11
PLD84-25 100-240 50/60 700 75 15
PLD84-30 100-240 50/60 1000 120 24
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