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Shaded Pole Motor

A shaded pole motor is a kind of AC single phase induction motor. It is consisted of salient poles, shading coil, stator winding, bearings, rotor, and so on. The most distinguished characteristic of shaded pole motor is its extremely simple structure and low cost. With only one winding, and no capacitor or starting switch, it is suitable for low power applications such as exhaust fan, fan heater, air freshener, humidifier, induction cooker, disinfection cabinet, dishwasher, nebulizer, air conditioner, refrigerator, etc. Now Lepuda provides PLD 48, 58, 61, 63, 68, 84 series of shaded pole motor.

    1. PLD48 18W Shaded Pole AC Motor PLD48 series shaded pole AC motor features a low noise of no more than 45dB and an extremely long service life of over 3000 hours. Its stator can be treated with electrophoresis for an anti-corrosion performance. Inquiry Form
    1. PLD58 45W Shaded Pole AC Motor PLD58 series shaded pole AC motor is an ideal for ventilator products for its perfect compatibility with TRIAC-based variable-speed controls, which are often used with fans. Inquiry Form
    1. PLD61 53W Shaded Pole AC Motor PLD 61 series shaded pole motor in Lepuda is produced at an annual volume of 1.2 million sets and exported to many countries in South America like Brazil. Motors with oil bearings or roller bearings are alternative. Inquiry Form
    1. PLD63 100W Shaded Pole AC Motor PLD63 series shaded pole AC motors are produced at an annual capacity of 200 thousand sets in Lepuda. Each of the components for every motor is strictly detected to make sure that there is no defect. Inquiry Form
    1. PLD84 120W Shaded Pole AC Motor Our PLD 84 series shaded pole motors are found to be popular in many countries like Russia, Indonesia, Italy and so on. Annually about 200 thousand sets of PLD 84 series motors are produced in Lepuda. You will find them perfectly applied in refrigerator, industrial fans, and many other low-consumption fields. Inquiry Form

1. Copper-type enameled wire;
2. Roller bearings or bearings with Pumaweike cotton oil are employed for a longer motor life;
3. Advanced copper welding technique;
4. High price-performance ratio