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Water Purifier Pump DC Motor

The water purifier pump DC motor is highly appreciated for its low consumption and high working efficiency. Its powerful vacuum suction function allows it to expel the air in the water pipe out automatically. You can use the DC water purifier pump motor at ease in winter for it is impervious to either the climate or the water temperature. This kind of pump motor is resistant both to week acid and week base. With the DC pump motor you will come only to enjoy the comfort your air conditioner has brought you since we have designed it with little noise.

Cooperated with a powerful corporation in Taiwan, we have gained several patents for this DC water purifier pump motor. This product has found wide application in 400G RO water purifier, 1812-75 RO household water purifier (50G), machinery industry (hydrogen machine), etc.

Applications: 1812-75 RO household water purifier (50G), machinery industry (hydrogen machine), etc.
Partners: Midea, Gree
Type: booster pump
Applicable range: 400G RO water purifier
Current: 5A
Voltage input:24VDC
Working current: 0.6AMP
Working pressure: 0.65MPA (80PSI)
Working discharge: >0.55L/min
Interface: 16mm
Gross weight: 2KG

Model Voltage (V) Specification (MM) Weight (KG) Current (A) Pressure Discharge (L/MIN)
PLD46-35 24 180x103x103 1.8 >0.75 29PSI >0.5
PLD53-35 24 197x103x103 2.1 >0.75 80PSI >0.5
PLD53-45 24 197x103x103 2.1 >0.75 125PSI >0.5
PLD54-35 24 197x103x103 2.1 >0.75 125PSI >0.5
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