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Water Pump Motor

Water pump motor is a kind of device that moves fluids with mechanical power. You are expected to see their applications in power plants, paper industry, construction, municipal utilities, industrial usages, agriculture irrigations, steel plants, and many others. Whether you are using water pump motor to move thousands of gallons of water in public utilities, or cycle the water in industrial uses, Lepuda will offer you the best pump motor solutions.

    1. Water Pump AC Motor We have an annual production volume of 1.5 million for the water pump AC motor. And we own more than a dozen utility patents for designing this pump motor. It is mainly applied in drain pumps for central air conditioners, among others. Inquiry Form
    1. Water Purifier Pump DC Motor The water purifier pump DC motor is highly appreciated for its low consumption and high working efficiency. Its powerful vacuum suction function allows it to expel the air in the water pipe out automatically. Inquiry Form
    1. Brushless DC Electric Motor The brushless DC electric motor shows excellent performance in low consumption, low noise and extremely long lifespan comparing with the traditional brushed water pump. Inquiry Form

Among the series of water pump motors, our AC water pump motors are exported to over a dozen regions and countries including United States and Korea. AC pump motor has passed UL, RoHS and REACH certifications. It has also won us more than a dozen utility model patents.