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Cross Flow Fan

Cross flow fan is a kind of device used to effectively keep components from overheating by producing a homogeneous laminar air flow. It has been widely applied in exhaust fan, heater, electric fireplace, oven, air curtain, among others.

    1. 30mm AC Cross Flow Fan 30mm AC cross flow fan is designed with aluminum as the material for wind turbine and galvanized sheet for the wind shell. Both the two materials feature high hardness. Inquiry Form
    1. 48mm AC Cross Flow Fan For the 48mm AC cross flow fan, we design the wind turbine with aluminum and the wind shell with galvanized sheet. It finds applications mainly in heating units, electric fireplace, cooling units, ventilation products, among others. Inquiry Form
    1. 60mm AC Cross Flow Fan Applications: heating units, electric fireplace, oven, exhaust fan, etc
      Turbine diameter: 60mm
      Turbine length: 180mm, 240mm, 300mm, 360mm (customizable)
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    1. 65mm AC Cross Flow Fan Applications: heating units, cooling systems, electric fireplace, air curtain, etc
      Turbine diameter: 65mm,
      Turbine length: 180mm, 240mm, 300mm, 360mm
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In Lepuda, cross flow fans are available in 30, 48, 60, 61, 63, and 68 series which are diversified in specifications. Moreover, the components of cross flow fan such as wind turbine and wind shell are also provided. With an annual sales volume of over 6 million sets, we are truly the largest cross flow fan manufacturer in China. Our share is up to 70% in the Chinese cross flow fan market.

Our advantages:
1. In Lepuda, all of the core parts on cross flow fan including the stator, the rotor, the wind turbine, and the casing are produced independently, showing higher reliability comparing with other manufacturers.
2. The advanced wind shell welding and riveting equipment are employed.
3. The advanced copper welding device allows for a labor cutting of 20 people one day for each machine.