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Capacitor Motor

Capacitor motors are commonly divided into two types: the capacitor start motor and the permanent-split capacitor motor. With the good features of simple structure, rapid starting, and stable running, capacitor motors are widely accepted in electric fans, exhaust fans, cooker hoods, and other household appliances.

    1. Cooker Hood AC Motor Features: simple structure, low cost, low noise, large air volume
      Enameled wire:copper/ copper clad aluminum/ aluminum
      Application: cooker hood
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    1. Dehumidifier AC Motor The YDK 70/95 series dehumidifier motor features simple structure, low cost, low noise, and large air volume. It is mainly applied in small fans, dehumidifier, axial fan, etc. Inquiry Form
    1. Air Cooler AC Motor Features: large torque, high efficiency, low noise
      Applications: mobile air conditioner, dehumidifier, air cooler, fireplace, mosquito killer, cooker hood, strong-exhaust type gas water heater, fan, blower, etc
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    1. Outdoor AC Fan Motor Features: large torque, high efficiency, low noise, large air volume
      Applications: air conditioning outdoor unit, window air conditioner, cooker hood, fan, blower, etc
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Capacitor motors in Lepuda are available in series of 60, 70, 75, 82, 95, and 120. They have found wide applications in both home appliance and other electric appliances, such as air conditioner, split air conditioner, window air conditioner, vertical air conditioner, air conditioner outdoor unit, mobile air conditioner, humidifier, dehumidifier, cooker hood, fan, cash counter, shredder, etc. For the diversified demands on the market, we have professional designers to develop the specific motor products for each of our clients. Supported by a full range of advanced equipment including the winding machine, the rotor turning machine, and the stator /rotor testing system, we can realize a monthly production volume of 300 thousand sets. Now we have been certified by CCC, UL, CE, RoHS, and TUV.