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DC Motor

DC motor (direct current motor) is a type of electrical device that designed to convert direct current electrical power into mechanical power with a magnetic field. Small DC motors are mainly used for toys, electric tools, household appliances, juice machine and household oil press.

DC motors made by Lepuda have won wide popularity both on domestic and international markets for their superior features of starting and speed adjusting performance, large torque, low noise, high efficiency, among others.

Applications: juice machine, household oil press
Rated voltage: 100-240V
Rated current: 0.2-1.0A
Rated power: 80-250W
Rotating speed: 50-100RPM
Lifespan: >300 hours

Model Voltage (V) Rotating Speed (RPM) Output Power (W) Rotating Speed (RPM)
PLD3310F 12 300-3000 2.8-4.2 300-3000
PLD3310S 12 300-3000 4.2-6 300-3000
PLD4210F 12 300-3000 2.8-7 300-3000
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